FREE Health Monitoring Kit

XalMeds Xavers Personalized Starter Health Monitoring Kit together with the FREE Health App ensure real time monitoring of patient vitals and other health informations including all its family members health record and history for easier sharing access to family caregivers and professional health workers. The App is HIPAA and GPDRS compliant.

The Health Kit which include a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Glucometer or Uric Acid meter or both, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer and First Aid Set can be availed FREE in accumulated, one time or pre-paid purchase at XalMeds Maintenance Medicine Plans and other medical and health products worth Php 3,600.00 for a LIMITED PERIOD UNTIL MARCH 30 or RECEPIENTS OF FIRST 1,000 PATIENTS whichever comes firstAfter that, the Health Kit can be availed for purchases accumulated at Php 12,000.00

More purchases will qualify XalMeds Xavers to more advance bluetooth monitoring devices at home including ECG, Urinalysis, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HBA1C, and many more.

To avail just keep ordering and qualify at any point or one time.

It is our mission to empower Filipino patients and families have control with their health at home and to help doctors, other health professionals and health institutions have real time information on their patients 24/7 for timely life saving care and intervention.


Disclaimer: Self monitoring devices are not substitute for laboratory center or hospital based results but maybe used as screening and monitoring tool to detect potential or early signs of abnormalities or changes in a patient biological markers. The use of the medical device must be directed, ordered and evaluated by your managing physician.