Our Purpose

XalMeds is the first of connected, personalized and home based healthcare technology application solutions by Xulbara Health.

Leveraging technology in online pharmacy, telemedicine, electronic health records, connected point of care devices and gig economy as our contribution to the attainment of the elusive universal health care coverage aspirations for all Filipinos particularly in the rural and geographically isolated areas and urban mass settlements where there is low access to healthcare facilities, supplies, logistics and professional providers.

XalMeds is designed as the base and launching pad, offering online access and ordering of affordable equally effective brand of medicines with quick localized on demand fulfillment delivery system initially in Cebu and Manila while on trial and soon nationwide to ensure timely care. Saving lives, time and money. Enhanced with unique loyalty rewards to avail free medicines, devices and laboratory services, patient app records support, medication reminders and online access to doctors.

With XalMeds, equitable access to healthcare is now at your fingertips breaking barriers in economics, geography and days/time boundaries.

Hope this site under kaizen will help you and your love ones save time, money and lives with our aim of wider choices, easy to order, quick on demand delivery ensuring timely full dose treatment compliance, patient support and sustainable medication maintenance.

At the heart our purpose as a social and sustainable conscious enterprise, Xalmeds is powering up XhareMeds, Medicine and Population Testing Screening Sharing Program where the bulk of XalMeds proceeds will be altruistically channeled sustainng and filling the gaps of medical missions in on time diagnosis and connecting the economically and access challenged beneficiaries to private individual and NGO good hearted medicine donors and for the government agencies efficient utilization and maximization of unused and effective procurement of medicines. XalMeds is also an ardent sponsor of scholarship programs under the ANCOP Education social ministry of the Couples for Christ.

XalMeds sustainable business practices will also help protect our environment and prevent flooding by advocating re-usable and biodegradables in fulfillment packaging and deliveries with the aim of commissioning pedal and renewable electric powered deliveries in service fulfillment.

With your patronage of XalMeds, not only will you save yours and your family’s money, time and lives in a big way but as a channel of sharing to other handicapped patients as well through the mission and purpose we believe, support and sustain in.

Be a part of the purpose driven sustainable social and ecology impact enterprise in XalMeds and Xulbara Health.

Support us with your purchase and share!