SDG Impact

XalMeds pride itself as an impact first enterprise aiming to achieve the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) No.3 on GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING with redound effect to REDUCED INEQUALITIES No. 4 , POVERTY No. 1, ZERO HUNGER No. 2 and the financing for access to QUALITY EDUCATION No. 4 of a healthy population unshackled from expensive healthcare and out of pocket expense cost savings and pre mature deaths of family breadwinners.

We as well work with like minded organizations, companies, local government units and agencies on establising PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS No. 17 and shift towards pivot in utiilzing sustainable healthcare deliveries of medicines, medical supplies and services to reduce carbon footprint using renewable energies, non single use packaging and adopting circular economy to contribute in RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION Goal No. 12.

To date as of November 2021 exactly a year in its existence these are the measurable impact of XalMeds.

1. 203 lives longevity runway extended due to medication compliance.

2. Php 1.5M saved by patients for other important family and personal necessities like food and education.

3. Over a hundred COVID patient lives saved with timely medicine deliveries.

4. 1,785 hours saved for safety, rest and other important productive and quality time.