XhareMeds- Medical Mission, Health Screening, FREE Clinics

XalMeds being a health inclusion social impact health technology startup first and foremost puts into action the missionary nature in our DNA for the general population who are financially, mobility and geographically disadvantaged and help ease our country’s health burden and enable attainment of the aspirational universal healthcare. 

Thus, it continuously seek opportunities to provide health services to missionary locations by offering, enabling  and participating on free health services to communities in need in a sustainable way and digitalizing medical missions bridging the healthcare divide and inaccessibility.

Working with like purposed organizations and servant leaders anchored on parishes we provide free consultations, vitals, blood and urinalysis testing, monitoring, starter dose and electronic health records and remote consultation application for the beneficiary communities.

We welcome partnerships and request for participation if you like us to serve with you in a sustainable manner in your communities and disadvantaged beneficiaries.

Get in touch with us by sending us your intent, offer and request.

Email us at hello@xalmeds.com

Mobile/Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram: +639209319220