FREE Self Health Monitoring Devices

FREE HEALTH MONITORING DEVICES is a XalMeds inclusive health Patient Support Program of wholistic care in helping patients achieve treatment goals for better health outcome especially for challenged population.

Here are the qualifier to avail:

1. Patient Must Be Diagnosed of Any of The Diseases to Be Monitored 
2. A Sign-up XalMeds customer
3. Accumulated Purchase To Include Any XalMeds Monthly Maintenance Medicine Plans with Your Prescription with the following purchase requirements for corresponding health device.

Digital Blood Pressure.                         - P 1,500.00
Glucometer with Strips/Lancet              - P1,500.00
Core Head Thermometer                      - P 1,500.00
Pulse Oximeter                                      - P1,500.00
Uric Acid Meter                                     - P 1,500.00
Cholesterol Meter with Strips/Lancet   - P 4,000.00 
Digital Weighing Scale                          - P 1,500.00

Once patient satisfied all of the above they may claim the gift by filling the request form below and wait for confirmation or offer email to avail qualified health devices.

Any availment will be points deductible to the Xavers Rewards Program.